Youth Alpha has the same purpose as Alpha for adults: 

It offers the opportunity to explore the big questions of life against the backdrop of Christianity's claims to have unique answers to these questions.  

Youth Alpha has the same environment as Alpha for adults:  

It's a place where no one is judged and guests are free to ask and explore whatever they desire.  It's a place where friendships are made and people help each other grow.

Youth Alpha meetings have the same three elements as Alpha for adults:

A good meal, a great video and a lively discussion.


Youth Alpha is Alpha re-imagined to create interest and discussion for today's teenagers. 

All of the elements of Alpha - the food, the videos and the discussions - are tailored to meet the experience and the needs of today's youth.

The food is tailored to teenage tastes.  The videos are full of the verve and technology teens relate to - check out the trailer for the Alpha Youth Film Series below.  The discussions questions our hosts pose are those teenagers can relate to.

Not familiar with Alpha for adults?


When: Youth Alpha will run on Wednesday evenings for 10 sessions beginning Wednesday, September 18.  The sessions will begin at 6:30 PM and end at 8:30 PM.  

how is registration done?

Registration is done online.  You can do it right now. It must be done by a parent, grandparent or guardian.  The registered person must be 12 - 18 years old.  You can register for one to three young persons at one time.

Where: Alpha for both adults and youth will begin with appetizers and dinner served in the Parish Center. Youths will have their own tables to enhance their Alpha experience.  After dinner youths will watch their own videos and have their own small group discussions in a different area on the parish campus.

Youth Day Away: In addition to the weekly meetings, youths will have the opportunity to experience the optional but highly recommended Day Away at the same time and location as adults (but again with their own videos and small groups).  The Day Away will be Saturday, November 2.